Screen Rooms Raleigh

screen rooms raleighAre you looking for a way to brighten up your home? A screen room is a viable option, one that fabricates an outdoor feel on the inside, especially when Bundy Construction is at work. We are a leading contracting company, building porch enclosures and screen porches throughout Raleigh. With many of our past clients now enjoying their home improvements, you could be next.

There are many details to establish and selections to make when it comes to planning out a screen room addition. Whether you have this all covered or would like a professional to guide you from the beginning, our team can step in and bring your project to life. A custom screen room is certainly a much smarter investment than a screen room kit or portable one. With Bundy Construction, you’ll know you have made the right decision from day one. We do work that puts our clients in a better situation than they were before we came along. In this case, that situation could be a charming, hexagonal screen room with a brick paver accent.

One question you’ll want to answer for yourself is what is the main purpose this addition will serve? Will you spend a decent amount of time here, and therefore want the square footage to be rather large, or will it be used together with your outdoor area periodically for entertaining, thus not requiring much floor space? The construction of the addition should stem from the function it’s going to fulfill. Experience has taught us that it’s important to lay this out at the start. Otherwise, you could end up with a home investment that proves to have been a waste. We’ll cover all the bases, including this one, so you can rest easy knowing your project is in great hands.