Screen Porch Builder Raleigh NC

Screen Porch Builder Raleigh NCBundy Construction serves as a premier residential builder out of Raleigh, NC, specializing in home additions, including but not limited to FROGS, screen porches, and basement finishing. Home improvement projects are typically wise investments, but you do have to be smart about them. The most important reason is with regard to the property’s future salability. Another component to consider is a tax benefit; sometimes renovations, especially when energy-efficient, can be listed as a deduction. At any rate, the most fundamental reason to drive the project should be need (or desire).

If your home lacks an outside living space, look into the benefits of having a screen porch and consider whether you would use it. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while separating yourself from the elements. Picture taking an afternoon nap on a hot summer day, with the birds chirping in the background and the ceiling fan keeping you comfortable. Even with the rain pouring down, it can still serve as a place to retreat to when no other place in the house will do.

A project like a screen porch is where Bundy Construction’s craftsmanship really comes into play. All of our work is high quality, but unlike more fundamental rooms such as the kitchen, the look and artistry tend to outweigh the function. It’s your call, which element you want to be the focus; in any case, Bundy Construction will do it to the finest.

We recommend browsing our site to become more familiar with the work we do and who we are as a company, along with checking out other contractors and having them give you their estimates. This way if you choose to go with us, which we hope you do, you’ll know you made an educated decision. We’re not your typical Raleigh builder, and you’ll soon see why.