The result was fantastic!

To: Pat Bundy

Last fall, my wife and I purchased a home at Mountain Glen in Newland, North Carolina. This home was built in 1980 and was in desperate need of remodeling and updating. We talked with several contractors, gleaning prices, ideas, and recommendations. After some deliberation, we decided to use Pat Bundy with Bundy Construction. The reason we made that choice is because Pat guided us through the remodeling process step by step. We were very comfortable and confident in the process that Pat laid before us.

Another reason we chose Pat is because we wanted all of this work to be done over the winter while we were in Florida. We would not want to be there to oversee what was being done, and we felt confident that Pat would do a good job. The job commenced and everything went smoothly under Pat’s supervision. During the remodeling process, Pat always kept us up to date via phone or emails and even sent us pictures of the progress. He proved to be a great communicator. We made one trip from Florida up to Newland to make a few crucial decisions after the demolition was complete and did not return until mid-May when all the inside remodeling was finished.

The result was fantastic. Pat and his subcontractors have done a superb job. We could not be happier with the results and highly recommend Pat Bundy of Bundy Construction.

Dennis P. Solon

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