Raleigh Screen Porch Builder

Raleigh Screen Porch BuilderAs an experienced Raleigh builder who specializes in screen porches, we know to not get in between a homeowner and his/her porch dreams, or any house dreams, for that matter. You don’t bring in a professional to squash your dreams and leave you with no hope. At the same time, it is our duty to make you aware, at the very least, of what your intended plans will cost. Additionally, we’ll do what we can to possibly save you money and make recommendations that are there for you to take or leave. Bear in mind, our suggestions are typically with regard to functionality and practicality. Unless it’s significant, we tend to stray away from pushing our purely style ideas. With this in mind, if you think Bundy Construction has a service to offer you, we’ll be happy to discuss what you have in mind.

A basic screen porch can be built at a reasonable price, but the materials, fancy designs, and add-ons are what generally rack up the cost. A high ceiling, arched windows, and treated flooring, for example, will most likely bump your project into a higher price level. Prior to building, we’ll coordinate with you to establish the plan and budget. From here, our process is quite straightforward. Neither party likes surprises when it comes to the job at hand, so we do our best to ensure everyone involved is on the same page every step of the way. As a builder, we know what needs to happen when, and as the homeowner, you know when you’d like to see the project completed. Together, we can create a timeline with an anticipated completion date, so you can enjoy your custom screen porch right away.