Patio Room Additions

DSC_7349Patio room additions make for beautiful enhancements on homes. It’s not every day that a homeowner would necessarily miss having one, but once they acquired one, they’d never want to go without. There’s something about a patio room. You can be in the comfort of your own home, but still feel a part of the outside world. Nature is just a sheet (or two) of glass away. Having one is a nice convenience. It can accentuate the entire look of the home, complement the outdoor living area, and simply supplement your lifestyle. Bundy Construction specializes in these types of home improvement projects. Look no further – you have found your general contractor.

Maybe you already have a patio that’s not completely closed in, and so the weather doesn’t allow you to enjoy it as often as you’d like. Now is your chance to change that. We can insulate the patio room so on even the coldest winter nights, you can retreat to the patio to marvel at the snow falling down. Energy efficient, high quality, beauty, and comfort, you can have them all with your custom built patio room.

Most people think, and are even convinced by some contractors, that you have to compromise one thing for another, or else it’ll break your bank account. Bundy Construction doesn’t make you choose. We can deliver an affordable addition that lacks nothing; that’s never too much to ask. So get out your wish list, and call us today to discuss what can happen and when. It’s not our job to tell you no. It’s our job to tell you how. Patio rooms, rec rooms, laundry room/bathroom combos, we do it all.