New Construction Cary NC

DSC_8207Are you looking for new construction builders in Cary, NC? Have you outgrown your current home and you think your only option is to move? Maybe you have this image in your head of what you want your house to look like, and you think the only way to achieve this is by building from scratch. Whatever the reason(s) may be, Bundy Construction Services Ltd., is here to tell you that you do have options. We are a general contracting company out of Raleigh, and will gladly do a consultation to see what is your most cost-effective route.

If you need more space, there are ways to get it. We can build up or out. If you need better functionality, we can remodel. If you need a new look, we can transform. Don’t write off your old home just yet. Let us see if we can preserve the place that holds so many memories. Isn’t it worth the effort? It’ll save you the hassle of waiting, wondering, packing, unpacking, and paperwork.

New construction is exciting, starting with a clean slate. But what if you can achieve the same end result for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time? Chances are there are still some things you like about your existing home. Why not cherish these spots and invest in the rest?

We understand additions and remodels can take you only so far. There comes a point when it isn’t financially responsible to use what you have. Sometimes, homeowners are better off building from the ground up. The bottom line is you want to consider all alternatives. Be knowledgeable and make smart decisions. The last thing you want is to spend your life savings on constructing your dream home but then be surrounded by guild and regret. A new construction has a purpose, and so does a home improvement project. Let Bundy Construction offer you our professional opinion on your particular situation in Cary NC.