We are grateful to Bundy and Company…

Dear Mr. Bundy,

We had a dilemma. The family place in the mountains was deteriorating, and the mobile unit we used was falling apart. We asked ourselves, “Should we buy a replacement RV unit and ignore the crumbling porch, or should we try to build a permanent structure?” Fearing the possibility that a permanent home was cost prohibitive, we began searching for construction companies.

I contacted several companies via email and explained what we wanted; you quickly responded to my email with a follow-up phone call. When I answered the phone, you explained who you were and proceeded to answer my questions. Your competence and expertise were impressive, and my family and I agreed to meet with you.

Throughout the entire process, you have been patient, responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. Working with out of town clients had to pose challenges; never once did you seem frustrated by our lack of availability.

Your office staff has assisted us with incredible professionalism and cheerfulness. They, too, were a critical link in this entire experience.

You have shown integrity when dealing with us and have been an incredible source of information and quality workmanship. Without your help, our new home would not have become more than wistful thinking.

We are grateful to Bundy and Company for building us a beautiful mountain home that will provide pleasure for generations to come.

Warm Regards, Louise Robinson

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