Bonus Room Floor Plans

DSC_8255Whether you currently have a bonus room that you’d like to finally put to good use or you’d like to have one built, there are a few details to consider first. Bonus rooms are nice to have and the options for their purposes are almost limitless, but it’s easy to put the cart before the horse when it comes to imagining floor plans. Save yourself time, money, and potential disappointment by talking with a professional and looking at the project from all angles prior to beginning.

If you don’t yet have a bonus room but are looking to add one, think about whether you have any unused space? Two obvious places are the basement and attic. Remodeling one of these two spots of your house to serve as your bonus room could be very cost-effective, not to mention, cool. The attic and basement are both underutilized in many homes. Even if they’re far from inviting right now doesn’t mean they can’t become the new hangout with just a little TLC. If considering this route, be sure to address any issues upfront, such as head space or moisture.

Maybe a bonus room was included in the original floor plan of your house and until now it’s been used for nothing more than storage. Are you ready to have the office you’ve always wanted or maybe a playroom? Other ideas include the new master suite, a library, and a workout room. Depending on where it’s located, the size, layout, and budget, it’s almost impossible to get it wrong.

Your bonus room can be as standard or elaborate as you wish. Bundy Construction of Raleigh emphasizes that you must realize that the scope of the work is not always contained to the project itself. For example, if you request to have a FROG, finished room over the garage, that’s going to be rather large, you’ll most likely need additional heating. The bottom line is you must incorporate the construction of the bonus room into the design of the entire home.