Attic Remodeling in Greensboro NC

DSC_8211Bundy Construction of Raleigh is known for our general contracting services; one convenient service we offer is attic remodeling for those who reside in Wake Forest, Cary, Greensboro, and throughout. If you’ve reached a point where you need more living space or simply want to have a new room for a specific purpose, the place to have it may be closer than you think. We can help you first decide if your attic is a viable option and then carry out the best project, whatever that may be.

First things first, there are codes to adhere to that will dictate the scope of the work. A finished attic must have at least a 7 foot high ceiling for half of the space, for one. In this case, dormers are a popular solution.

Another element is access. How will you get up and down from your newly acquired room? Stairs, most likely, but where and what kind? Even the smallest staircase takes up a bit of floor space.

Insulating the ceiling, adding windows or skylights, and tasks of this nature are essential in remodeling an attic. Granted, they’re not necessarily the enjoyable parts, but you won’t want to overlook them. Once the basics are covered, you can get creative and focus on the room’s personality more.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of having a unique master bedroom or need designated office space, your attic may be just the spot for it. Remodeling an attic isn’t always cost-effective or possible, in fact; sometimes additions are more sensible for homeowners wanting more room. If you think your attic has potential, we would love to take a look and discuss what we could do with it. Bundy Construction Services Ltd. is proud to offer attic remodeling from Raleigh to Greensboro and in between. With our inclusive services, we can improve your home from the inside out or outside in, whichever you prefer.