Attic Contractor Cary

DSC_8339Do you think you’ve outgrown your home because you need another bedroom or maybe an office or playroom? The solution could be just over your head. If you have an unfinished attic with potential, a remodel is probably a cost-effective way for you to obtain the additional living space you desire. Bundy Construction Services Ltd., is an experienced attic contractor serving Cary, Raleigh, and beyond. Let’s take a look at the space already available and see what we can do with it to save you money and gain you functionality.

It may be in part to the mentality “out of sight, out of mind,” but homeowners often overlook the option of remodeling their attics. This is a shame because many attics are like hidden treasures. Now, not every attic is a practical remodel. There are cases where it’s not worth the investment; the amount of work and money it would require to finish the space is too much for what you would acquire. One setback is limited headspace, another, no insulation.

We don’t expect you to analyze every angle and deem whether finishing your attic is a smart move. If you think it’s worthy of consideration, call us for a consultation and we can discuss the possibilities. If you do have the option, then you’re on your way to having that additional bedroom, office, or playroom.

Don’t worry; the current condition of your attic isn’t necessarily indicative of how it will be when it’s remodeled. Chances are it isn’t the most inviting space in your house right now, but by the time we’re finished, it’ll be ready for a showroom. From the stairs to the ceiling, wall to wall, we will transform your third floor into your new favorite spot. As your Cary attic contractor, we’ll ensure you’re taking advantage of this opportunity wisely and efficiently.